RobotFun at the Suffolk Festival of Learning

RobotFun is delighted to be taking part in the upcoming Suffolk Festival of Learning. It’s being held this Friday, 21 October, in the University of Suffolk’s rather nice waterfront building in Ipswich. We’re expecting something over a thousand teachers and other educational professionals to attend.

The RobotFun stand will showcase the services that we can offer to schools, namely robotics workshops and after school clubs. In order of increasing intelligence, the robots featured will be the ones we can use in workshops, namely:

  • Cubelets, robot building blocks that program themselves when you put them together;
  • Ozobot Bit, a small, friendly line tracking robot that literally anyone can program, either by drawing or using Ozoblockly, a version of Scratch;
  • Edison, a very cost-effective Lego compatible driving robot, programmable from any platform, that also understands bar codes for instant programming;
  • Ollie, Sphero and BB8; a trio of fast rolling robots programmable in Scratch using the Tickle app on an iPad;
  • Wink, a small Arduino based robot bug with lots of sensors, programmable in C; and
  • Jade, and Camera Jade, a sophisticated tracked robot that can do real science. Jade has many sensors, including a spectrometer, and programmability in Scratch and C. Camera Jade has been augmented with a 3D printed gripper and camera assembly, and is the nearest thing I know to a kids’ version of Curiosity, the Mars rover.

Come along to see how these robots can be used in classes and after school clubs to get children of all ages engaged in coding.

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