Schools & Clubs

We are able to present our robotics workshops to kids of all ages in schools and clubs. Through our extra curricular activities with robots we are actively supporting the new Primary Computing Curriculum. For Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 children we can also offer workshops on virtual robotics. We have several robots that are programmable with a computer or an iPad, others that can be programmed directly, and even some that are ‘programmed’ by they way they are put together.

Why virtual robotics?

The system we use - CoSpace - has been specially developed by Singapore Polytechnic. All software used is entirely free. The system is suitable for all from KS2 up. Building up a robot program in groups promotes teamwork and communication skills. Pupils receive instant feedback as their programs are developed and robot behaviour changes accordingly. Teaches the fundamentals of modern event-driven programming but without any requirement for prior programming knowledge. Building a working program gives a real sense of achievement which can be shared further. Teams can participate in national and global competitions with Primary and Secondary categories.

Our Robots

We’re all about building, programming and using robots to learn and to have a good time. We’ve brought together a whole bunch of state of the art robots from the UK, the US and elsewhere.

Meet Our Robots

Robotics Presentations, Masterclasses and Workshops start from FREE

General Presentations on Robotics to year groups are available for FREE. Some of the presentations we can deliver are: "Programming a Virtual Robot with CoSpace"; "An Introduction to robots and how they can be programmed"; "Robotics in the Real World"; "The Story of Robotic Space Exploration"

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