Robot Dancing World Record – We Can Do This Too

Interesting news from China this week. There is apparently a world record for robot line dancing, and it was broken in at the Qingdao Beer Festival in China. No fewer than 1007 Aldebaran Robotics Nao mini humanoid robots strutted their funky stuff in unison for a whole minute. It is all in the BBC News report linked to below. A single controller was used, though it isn’t clear whether the robots were listening on Bluetooth or WiFi. I suspect the latter, simply because of the size of the area where they were set up.

The robots involved in this record are available in the UK, but they won’t be part of the RobotFun collection for a while. The reason for this is that they cost nearly £6000 each, even as a special ‘academic edition’. If you’re interested, here’s where to buy one:

Nao Robot

Robot Dancing with RobotFun robots

We may not have this exact robot, but our customers can certainly get robots line dancing as part of a school workshop or party. Thanks to the wonders of the Tickle robot programming app and Bluetooth Low Energy it is quite feasible to control Sphero, Ollie, BB-8 and even a mini drone all at the same time, and from a single iPad. Ozobots, too, can also do this. Due to their small size, though, they much prefer line dancing in groups, using an iPad as their dance floor!

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