PhysicsFest ’15

We were really pleased invited by the East Anglia branch of the Institute of Physics to take part in Physicsfest ’15. This was an afternoon of physics related fun and experiments that was held at Northgate School in Ipswich. Most of our current robots went along, and it was a good job that they did, because they were all really in demand. Our room was pretty much chock full of people all afternoon, and much fun was had by all. The robots all lasted up really well, too, though a few were getting a bit tired towards the end, much like me! It was good to meet some old acquaintances again, and also to make one or two new ones.

Robots in the RobotFun collection are great for all sorts of educational uses, from the obvious ones like physics, maths and computing, to design, engineering and even art (thanks to Sphero for this, for being totally water (and paint) proof).

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