New affiliate scheme for purchasing robots

At the Suffolk Show quite a few people asked me if we sold robots. For various reasons we don’t, but it got me thinking. I knew that Amazon offers an affiliate scheme whereby a site can get a small cut of the sales if a user clicks through from their site, so I asked my main source of robots, Rapid Online, if they had such a thing too, and it turns out they do. So, I’ve joined their affiliate scheme, and here are a few sparkly new links to use if you wish to buy one or more of some of our robots:

Black Ozobot Bit
Clear Ozobot Bit
Note that the new Ozobot Evo isn’t sold  by Rapid.
Any of the Cubelets kits will get you in to Cubelets robotics. A small range of single Cubelets are also available.
Vex IQ Super Kit
Vex IQ Foundation Add-on kit
The Super Kit is where to start if you want to try out Vex IQ robotics. The Foundation Add-on kit is a very useful set of many extra parts for building bigger robots.
The way it works is that you click on the link, and if you complete a purchase get a small cut of the price, at no cost to the buyer. I’ll add each of these links to the relevant robot page too, and as more come online hopefully the link collection will expand.

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